Cyprian EP 2015

by Cyprian

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Written during the years of 2003 and 2004, these are among the first songs that we wrote with our original 4 piece lineup. These recordings represent a re-imagining of some of our earliest and never before released material.


released August 25, 2015

Chris Rodgers - Vocals, Guitar
Travis Burke - Guitar, Programming
Ian Martin - Bass, Background Vocals

All songs written by Chris Rodgers, Travis Burke, Ian Martin and Robert Perry.

Recorded and mixed by Travis Burke
Mastered by Spencer Crewe



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Cyprian Newfoundland and Labrador

Cyprian was formed in 2003 and was active in the local metal community for a number of years, culminating in an EP released in 2005. Since 2013 a few of us have been working on and off to re-work and record old material.

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Track Name: Asunder
Pass not through gates while smoldering
Turn not to look upon splendor
Trapped forever in the light of the sun
Burn to ash
Slowly lurching toward salvation
In desolation, peace

We’re torn asunder
Never to be ignored
What is it like if we cease to exist?
What is worth fighting for?

Burn to ash

Frozen nightmare line without end
Deep Unholy God
Stars descending, bearers of flame
Born of the ash
Track Name: Cyprian
Cyprian, we’re coming to get you
You cannot escape your fate
Cursed to behold, embattled and cold
War, death and hate

Dead though we walk, with horror we swallow the world
Heralds of doom, terror untold
Dust and scorch marks, screams of the damned
Bodies twisted, it’s time to behold

Searching in sadness and anger
Broken fingers curled
Feathered hope, on ashes you choke
Wreckage of the world

Cyprian, we live within you
Darkness where we crept
Away from the sun, we have become
Birth, life, and death

Formless we fall
Upon you, wretched ghostly stars
The blackest light
Surrounds you now, bane of all sight
Endless we are
Flame of cold fire, cinders and ash
We have become
Birth, life, and death
Track Name: Crimson
False cries, now the battle’s at hand
End that all life fears
Find the angels amongst the mist
And choke back these black tears
When nightfall comes, await the call
We cannot win this fight
Doves cry as we try to endure
The blood we lose every night

Fear this war within my heart
Burning deep inside me
You are not the chosen one
Worship on your knees
Try to tear down what I’ve built
Your righteous light won’t blind me
Shed your blood, your sweat, your tears
I am death made free

True cries now the battle is done
Deafened silence fills my ears
Blood is shed, damage done
Cannot take back these black years
The living portion never seems to change
The angels amongst the mist
Now I live life hand in hand
Never hand in fist